Prince Charles replaces Bryn Terfel’s girlfriend

The Prince of Wales has announced a new official harpist.

She’s Anne Denholm, 23, from Carmarthen, and she replaces Hannah Stone, better known as Bryn Terfel’s other half.

hannah stone bryn terfel

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  • Stunned! First reading of headline was that Bryn Terfel and Prince Charles are now an item. On reflection, I suppose that would have been “Bryn Terfel replaces Camilla.”

    • The title could have been referring to an unexpected democratic epiphany, transcending traditions that have kept the English monarchy in place since the Act of Settlement of 1701.

    • The Telegraph report is absurd. “The love triangle caused a stir in otherwise sedate classical music circles.” Erm…

    • This is the explanation regarding why the Prince of Wales has a royal harpist (from his website and also listed on Wikipedia): “The harp is an important national instrument in Wales, and although the role of Official Harpist was discontinued during the reign of Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales restored the position in 2000 in order to foster and encourage young musical talent in Wales and the UK and to raise the profile of the harp as an instrument.”
      As for why Mrs. Stone is being replaced, I believe it was simply the end of her appointment to that position. She had served in it for 4 years and from the look of things, all of the previous royal harpists with one exception were replaced after 4 years.

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