Peter Gelb: Our top artist fee is $17,000 (mine is $2 million)

The Metropolitan Opera’s general manager has been talking money to Bavarian Radio. He claims to have saved $22 million on this year’s budget and to have earned a profit of $17-18 million on the Met’s cinema streaming (not making clear whether this is in one year, or ten).

He makes no mention of the company’s ever-widening deficit, or of his own inflated wage.

Catch the interview (dubbed in German) here.


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  • An complete waste of air time by a failed and flawed General Manager. No amount of hubris will erase the fact that he with a willing board have sunk a revered institution. Just ask the Metropolitan Opera employees and not just the union employees.

  • Jajaja, inflated for the miserable prospects of the music profession. A 20 year old Mark Zuckerberg was already a Billionaire – where was the outcry from Norman then?

    • Facebook is a for-profit company. The Met is a non-profit 501c3 organization, which means it pays no taxes in return for providing a public good. Two very different animals.

  • Why am I not surprised… when you hear that the salary of one stage director amount to the same number as the price of the rest of the production.

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