No Brits, just two Americans in world’s richest violin contest

The 2015 Joseph Joachim International Violin Competition in Hanover has announced 39 successful contestants, chosen from submitted videos. The list is here.

Violinists aged 16 to 27 compete for €140,000 in prizes and the loan of a Guadagnini violin.

Three of the contestants are lists as half-US, which usually means they are studying at a US college.


The absence of Brits is unsurprising. Do we still teach violin in the UK?

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  • Not too many Brits in Cardiff Singer of the World, viz on the obligatory Welsh representative. Just saw on another post that a Korean soprano won the zarzuela competition. Surely the future of classical music is increasingly in East Asia?

    • Asian trained in the US. Park, who won the zarzuela, just finished at Juilliard and I believe still is based in the US. As are many other Koreans and Chinese.

  • Is the glass half empty or half full Norman? Why not be happy about 27 women out of 39 total successful contestants in the “world’s richest violin contest”?

  • Francesca dePasquale, niece of the late Joe dePasquale, Juilliard Master’s graduate and assistant to Itzhak Perlman is entered. The rest of her family: mother Gloria of Philly’s cello section, late father William who was the orchestra’s associate concertmaster and uncle Robert who’s retired as the orchestra’s ass’t principal 2nd violin.

  • One of the contestants, Fabiola Kim was an (excellent) concertmaster of the Julliard Orchestra a few years ago.

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