‘My name is Vittorio. I’m a (tenor and) sex addict’

Signore Grigolo has been talking to Italian Vanity Fair. Indiscreetly.

I’m difficult to be with. I believe in fidelity, but that’s easier said than done. I like women. Yesterday I went out with a friend and he asked me how was it possible not to fall in love and become imprisoned by a woman; I told him, “Fall in love with another.”

The comments were intended light-heartedly, say Team Grigolo.

Read more, click on Gramilano.


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  • Omnis vita artis imitatio.
    Not for nothing is Grigolo an outstanding Duke of Mantua, and it would be great to see him cast as Don Giovanni.

    Don Giovanni:
    È tutto amore!
    Chi a una sola è fedele,
    verso l’altre è crudele:
    io che in me sento
    sì esteso sentimento,
    vo’ bene a tutte quante.

    Duca di Mantova:
    “Questa o quella per me pari sono
    a quant’altre d’intorno, d’intorno mi vedo;
    del mio core l’impero non cedo
    meglio ad una che ad altra beltà.
    La costoro avvenenza è qual dono
    di che il fato ne infiora la vita;
    s’oggi questa mi torna gradita,
    forse un’altra, forse un’altra doman lo sarà,
    un’altra, forse un’altra doman lo sarà.”

    Perhaps Vanity Fair should interview Lorenzo Da Ponte and Francesco Maria Piave? They make great copy.

  • Perhaps this is what destroyed his marriage.

    Unfortunately someone or some company is managing his Wikipedia page so that no “Personal Life” section is allowed.

  • “Yes darling, and women are angels… absolutely innocent in every conceivable way….” – My comment was in response to someone who said “Men are pigs…”, which seems to have disappeared from this forum…

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