Musicians Union chooses next Labour leader

Musicians Union chooses next Labour leader


norman lebrecht

July 21, 2015

The MU has endorsed Andy Burnham for Labour Party leader ‘on account of his interest in music and the arts’.

The organisation has also pledged its support for Caroline Flint as deputy.

MU general secretary, John Smith, said: “The MU was particularly grateful to Andy Burnham for his support for the extension of the term of copyright when he was Secretary of State. This will make a tangible difference to the take home pay of a lot of our members and I believe that Andy would be a Labour Party leader who valued music and the arts.”



  • Dave says:

    Well they might as well choose the next leader on this basis if we’re going to assume that Labour no longer gives a damn about the policies it was always supposec to espouse.

  • anon says:

    Labour is an outmoded dinosaur that has been misappropriated by people who care more about power than principled policy-making (it is telling that everybody is criticising Corbyn not on the basis of his ideas, but on the basis that his ideas are supposedly incompatible with winning an election; the description of Harman as ‘a Tory in disguise’ is absolutely spot-on), and it is shameful that the MU continues to be affiliated to the party. Worse, Labour is leaching many well intentioned left-wing voters from the truly progressive parties that have risen to prominence in the last five years.