Music schools are under scrutiny in sex abuse inquiry

Music schools are under scrutiny in sex abuse inquiry


norman lebrecht

July 09, 2015

It appears that specialist music schools have been singled out for attention in the Terms of Reference of the UK independent inquiry into child abuse, announced today. The inquiry will cover:

  1. Government departments, the Cabinet Office, Parliament and Ministers;
  2. Police, prosecuting authorities, schools including private and state-funded boarding and day schools, specialist education (such as music tuition), Local Authorities (including care homes and children’s services), health services, and prisons/secure estates;
  3. Churches and other religious denominations and organisations;
  4. Political Parties; and
  5. The Armed Services.

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The focus should be warmly welcomed.

h/t: Ian Pace


  • Steve says:

    ‘Singled out’ alongside almost every single other organisation that might have contact with a child

  • Dismissed Employee 12 says:

    It’s about high time the lid was finally blown off over the unacceptable coverups, whitewashing and lies that Purcell School Governors, Headmasters and Senior Managers have adopted over the last eight years surrounding the verbal sexual abuse of disgraced and dismissed Head Peter Crook in 2011, and which resulted in over a dozen long serving and highly regarded members of staff being forced to sign ‘gagging’ clauses in the school’s desperate attempt to hide their cover ups and mistakes regarding child abuse and staff bullying.
    Thank you, Ian Pace for your tireless campaigning on this serious issue.

  • ForgottenAustralianFamily says:

    I do hope this scrutiny extends to the Royal School of Church Music
    and the Royal College of Organists, and their tendrils reaching to Australia!

    • Dismissed Employee 12 says:

      Fair point, but neither of these hallowed institutions are residential, mercifully……(although they once were, when the RSCM was at Addington Palace (sadly nicknamed Peddington Palace) in Croydon…… RCO has never been residential, except on Oundle Summer Organist Courses, and we all know what child abuse went on there under it’s founder Director, and some visiting organists…….