Maestro stays: Beyond six years in Seattle

Maestro stays: Beyond six years in Seattle


norman lebrecht

July 13, 2015

Ludovic Morlot has extended his contract to 2019.

Press release below.

ludovic morlot

Seattle, WA – The Seattle Symphony announced today that Ludovic Morlot’s contract as Music Director has been extended for two additional years, through August 2019. Morlot’s original six-year agreement was from September 2011 through August 2017.

President & CEO Simon Woods commented, “Under Ludovic Morlot’s leadership, this organization has experienced an extraordinary transformation. The music making on stage has been electrifying and inspirational, but what has further distinguished the Morlot era to date is a commitment to expanding the repertoire, challenging traditional programming boundaries and opening up Benaroya Hall to our community. We are proud to have a music director who so deeply and personally embraces the forward-looking values for which the Seattle region is known.”

“This orchestra and Seattle itself have become an integral part of my life,” Morlot said. “I feel privileged to work with such an inspired and dynamic group of musicians; together we’ve made tremendous strides. I look forward to deepening my relationship with them further, building on our successes, and to working in tandem with the Symphony’s fine leadership and administrative team to welcome one and all to Benaroya Hall.”


  • Music critic says:

    After Gerard “Shit” Schwarz left SSO, the orchestra has gone into amazing heights. From wrongful termination lawsuits to horrible orchestra playing (they sounded worse than a high school orchestra), “Shit” leaving Seattle has been the greatest thing. Now, they are a Grammy award winning orchestra starting to blossom.

  • Ross says:

    If you knew the process involved with the Grammy Awards, you would agree with me that those awards mean absolutely nothing indicative of quality.
    Morlot is a fine conductor and I’m happy to hear that things are going well.