Maestro move: Bonn grabs Prick

After tearing itself apart over the next music director – the bosses wanted one man, the players another – the Beethoven Orchestra of Bonn has hired an interim chief conductor for the 2016/17 season.

He is the seasoned Christoph Prick.

Once upon a time in America, where he was music director in Charlotte, North Carolina, he used to spell it Perick.

For some reason.

chris prick

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    • It was a marketing mistake to change his name, a lost opportunity. “Perick” was probably the idea of a London agent.

      As music director in Nürnberg a few seasons ago, he led a propulsive Tannhäuser.

  • At the time maestro Prick used to work with the National German Youth Orchestra quite frequently. As a reaction to his american pseudonym, they came up with a german nickname: Schewanz…

  • Nice to see a very talented conductor landing a post commensurate with his abilities. Not a lot of glamour, but some very tasteful music making. Prick has more experience in his little finger than most conductors in their whole body. Bonn should be so lucky!

  • Perick (as he is known in the US) was music director of the Charlotte Symphony for ten years up until about 2010. He is an amazing artist!

  • You may think I invented this but I heard an announcer say after the interval in a performance of “Fidelio” at the Met in the early 1980s : “Now Maestro Prick is on the stand again.” (Isn’t it the musicians who have stands and the conductor a podium?)

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