Korean surge in Domingo’s Operalia semis, but…

The semi-finals take place tonight in London. The list of successful candidates can be read below.

Our observer notes the usual preponderance of South Koreans but the best performance so far has come from the Norwegian Lise Davidsen, who took second place and the audience prize at the Hans Gabor in Amsterdam the week before last. Lise’s on fire.

lise davidsen


Park Seyoung Soprano

Greenhalgh Tobias Baritone

Szelazek Kacper Countertenor

Jung Jaeyoon Tenor

Mas Héloïse Mezzo-soprano

Yoo Hansung Baritone

Park Hyesang Soprano

Ray Kevin Tenor

Davidsen Lise Soprano

Abete Raffaele Tenor

Kubheka Bongani JusQce Bass-baritone

Fagan Lauren Soprano

PaQ Derren Pene Tenor

Mejías Anais Soprano

Behr Julien Tenor

Hwang Sumi Soprano

Kelly Rachel Mezzo-soprano

Parks Edward Baritone

Carroll Andrea Soprano

Hotea Ioan Tenor

Idrisova Dilyara Soprano

Devos Jodie Soprano

Agadzhanian Migran Tenor

Howarth Kiandra Soprano

Rapier Renee Mezzo-soprano

Mpofu Noluvuyiso Soprano

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  • Finalists (only one South Korean made it through):

    Julien Behr (France);
    soprano Andrea Carroll (USA);
    soprano Lise Davidsen (Norway);
    baritone Tobias Greenhalgh (USA);
    tenor Ioan Hotea (Romania);
    soprano Kiandra Howarth (Australia);
    bass-baritone Bongani Justice Kubheka (South Africa);
    soprano Noluvuyiso Mpofu (South Africa);
    soprano Hyesang Park (South Korea);
    baritone Edward Parks (USA); and
    tenor Darren Pene Pati (New Zealand).

  • it’s not a trend….they have good voices! and more and more people are studying voice in Korea and abroad

  • We have two very talented Korean soloists in our ensemble at the Hannover State Opera, and I’m sure the trend is upward. What’s with the anti-Korean slant that so frequently rears its ugly head on this site?

    • There is no anti-Korean slant. We know, and praise, many outstanding musicians from Korea.

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