International pianist vanishes from university roster



Alexander Toradze, the Georgian pianist and Valery Gergiev pal, has been a professor at Indiana University South Bend since 1991. They haven’t seen him since last August and have no idea when he’s likely to return.

‘It’s a personnel issue and we can’t comment on it,’ says the college. More here.

toradze gergiev

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    • That should be “juror”. I was very suprised to hear that Toradze’s father was Sergei Prokofiev’s first (private) teacher!

  • A. Toradze said clear that his father studied in Moscaw consevatory with Reingold Glier. I saw his family in1969 in Tallinn when Lexso at age 16 took 3rd price at USSR national piano competition and played wonderful Prokofiev 7 sonata. I knew he was a promissing talent. But his beautiful mother-Georgian movie star was even bigger attraction.

    • You are right, sorry, I misunderstood his English. His father was David Toradze who *studied* with Reinhold Glière.

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