Gergiev: ‘I know better than most that we need peace’

Gergiev: ‘I know better than most that we need peace’


norman lebrecht

July 06, 2015

In a snatched video interview with Vesa Siren, after a concert in Mikkeli, the Mariinsky Theatre director insists that his operations are not affected by EU sanctions. He adds that the main problem lies in the Middle East, not between Russia and the West, and declares that ‘I know better than many others, because I am an international person, that Germany and Russia need to be good neighbours and colleagues, working together towards peace…’

Click here to watch the interview (in English).


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  • Mikey says:


    how amusing!

  • Vesa Sirén says:

    Just a small detail: the video interview was not done “two minutes before the concert” in Mikkeli, it was a 25-minute interview after the first concert in Mikkeli. There are two other video exceprts now on the Helsingin Sanomat website. Video 2/3: He tells us if it is still possible, after Novosibirsk, to do provocative opera productions in Russia. And Video 3/3: Gergiev on Tchaikovsky Competition: Masleev, Li, why no winner in violin competition etc.