Free piano lessons at London Eurostar station

The fabulous Laura Mvula has kicked off three weeks of free piano lessons at the St Pancras terminal. The station has three good upright pianos and teachers will be standing by 11.00-14.00 from 23rd July to 12th August 2015 at each of them.

This is a wonderful initiative by Youth Music, a charity which helped Laura herself when she was growing up in Birmingham. Don’t hesitate: take the kids.

laura_mvula st pancras

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  • Amidst all that noise? So much for the “canvas of silence.” Careful, here comes a flying Starucks double latté!

  • It would be great if these piano lessons be based on a first come, first serve basis. It seems a bit exotic to have piano lessons in a Eurostar station. Since I missed them previously, would there be a chance for more lessons later in the year?

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