Unhappy British baritone cancels Met

Unhappy British baritone cancels Met


norman lebrecht

July 29, 2015

The troubles of Simon Keenlyside continue.

Ordered last December to observe ‘complete vocal rest’, he had hoped to return in the new season. Today, however, he pulled out of Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in October and November. George Gagnidze and Željko Lučić will share the title role.

We wish Simon a speedy return.



  • Emil says:

    What makes him “unhappy”, except the fact that he has to cancel performances and rest? Why that adjective?

  • Una says:

    I would say anyone who is ill and also suffering from severe depression would be unhappy in more ways than one. Wish him well as he’s a great guy, and we overlapped as students at the RNCM, and I had his singing teacher for a while, the baritone, John Cameron.

  • Orchestra Friend says:

    I have no doubt that the word “unhappy” was chosen specifically to imply that something that the Met has done has made Mr. Keenlyside unhappy. Why lead with fact when you can use innuendo. That said, I hope Mr. Keenlyside is better soon.

  • Daniel F. says:

    Anyone reading only that headline would infer that Mr. K was unhappy with the Metropolitan Opera. That no such situation actually exists, at least as explained in the ensuing article, is certainly a contradiction, though one that is neither odd nor puzzling at least for readers of this blog.

  • john smith says:

    …unhappy or not, he should have considered his repertoire more wisely. a British lyric baritone attempting heavy Verdi – crazy, and a shame!

    • Mark Glanville says:

      I normally can’t be bothered to respond to the nonsense so frequently spouted in this comments section but this time, as a close friend of the artist’s, I feel compelled. You are entirely wrong to conclude that the Met cancellation is in any way related to vocal difficulties on Simon Keenlyside’s part. The cancellation relates to other issues altogether. Nor are there any difficulties between Simon and the Met before the gossips get going.