Brahms to Yannick: Not trainers, please!

yannick brahms

What conductors wear in Baden-Baden.

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  • Spats? Gaiters?

    Yannock does though need to smarten up his actual concert/opera attire a notch. Looks a wee bit shiny and uncomfortably tighty pants.

    The opposite of most conductors who dress in robes or spa wear, not real clothes, these days!

  • This is good! Here’s a healthy young guy who’s going to stay that way – if he keeps it up! In the past decade there have been thousands of music students who have taken up running at the behest of their teachers – and many of those also are runners. There is nothing better for improving cardio health, stamina, and creating a lean body mass. Go Yannick! See you at the Boston Marathon!!!

  • Shame on him, Karajan wore a full fledged tux while running.

    The world is going down the tubes……youtubes 😉

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