Bayreuth gets an American Isolde

Bayreuth gets an American Isolde


norman lebrecht

July 23, 2015

We’re excited to report that, at the dress rehearsal of Katharina Wagner’s new production of Tristan und Isolde, the part of Isolde was sung by Linda Watson, deputising for an unwell Evelyn Herlitzius.

Linda had flown in just a day earlier from California.

Evelyn is expected to reclaim the role on opening night, but insiders tell us that Linda was absolutely stunning.

Linda is a previous Kundry, Ortrud, all Brünnhilde at Bayreuth.

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  • Holger H. says:

    There is a curse on that role in Macbeth and his wife’s …err, sorry, Thielemann and Katie Wagner’s Tristan staging this year in Bayreuth.
    Linda Watson is the fourth Isolde filling in the part in this particular production, before the curtain has been lifted even the first time.

  • Gary Freedman says:

    Let’s get this show on the road!!

  • Holger H. says:

    The whole story is bogus. Herlitzius’ time out in the dress rehearsal was planned. She sang Electra the night before in Munich and needed to rest her voice the following day. She acted and Watson sang. Possibly the idea is also to have Watson properly prepared as a double, since Herlitzius hinted repeatedly how concerned she is about her stamina over the summer with this most demanding part. But Herlitzius was not unwell.