Armed robbery at Greek National Opera

This won’t help.

Police are seeking an armed robber who burst into the Greek National Opera box office in central Athens on Wednesday morning and forced the cashier to hand over 11,000 euros, the GNO said over the weekend.

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  • Was the “armed robber” in a wheelchair? It sounds like this could have been German Finance Minister Wolfgang Shäuble seeking funds from any place in Greece that they can be found.

  • Has no-one apart from me any sympathy for the cashier who was confronted by an armed robber? It must have been very traumatic, and not something you’d get over quickly or easily.

    • Does anyone except you on this site lack a sense of humour? I think the first thought to go through most minds, especially after a glance at the morning papers, was surprise that there were 11,000 euros in all of Greece. Let alone that any of the tax-avoiders had plowed them into opera tickets, and let alone that there was sufficient budget left in Greece to mount an opera. I smell an inside job. 😀

      • Indeed, AP is reporting that Schäuble has sent a team of commandos to find the robbers and confiscate the money. Ordnung und Diziplin!

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