And the top-grossing indie of 2015 is … Schoenberg

Very good to see that Woman in Gold, which was sniffed at by most print critics, is now the top-earning independent movie of the year, grossing $33 million in 17 weeks.

The film, starring Helen Mirren, tells the story of E. Randol Schoenberg, a struggling LA lawyer, who defeats the Austrian government’s attempts to keep a family Klimt that had been stolen by the Nazis.


Read more here.

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  • No doubt, Decca and Sony are rushing to release their “Schoenberg’s Greatest Hits” albums!

  • Loved the movie. But those figures are insignificant. Best of…but what a runner-up category.

    I’m surprised, actually, that they are so low. It did very well in Canada. But we are numerically insignificant (and count in the US domestic figures).

    Should make a mint on DVD and Netflix.

  • Is Mr. Schoenberg the same gentleman who contacted SD a week or two ago concerning the e-bay sale of Mahler’s portrait?

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