Violin finalists announced at the Tchaikovsky competition

Violin finalists announced at the Tchaikovsky competition


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2015

Here’s the list, hot off the stage. Most are Russians and Koreans. Kristine Balanas (pictured) is a UK-based Latvian.

#1 Milyukov, Pavel Russia
#2 Korzhenevich, Elena Russia
#3 Stekolshchikova, Lyubov Russia
#4 Conunova, Alexandra Moldova
#5 Kishima, Mayu Japan
#6 Mo, Boson Canada
#7 Kim, Younguk South Korea
#8 Starikov, Stepan Russia
#9 Kim, Stephen Jee Won USA
#10 Lukiyanenko, Tikhon Russia
#11 Kim, Bomsori South Korea
#12 Tseng, Yu-Chien Taiwan
#13 Kang, Jumi Germany
#14 Tchumburidze, Veriko Georgia
#15 Kim, Jee Won South Korea
#16 Jang, Yoo Jin South Korea
#17 Kazazyan, Haik Russia
#18 Park, Kyumin South Korea
#19 Zhelezny, Leonid Russia
#20 Balanas, Kristine Latvia
#21 Avstrikh, Daniil Russia
#22 Khukhua, Igor Russia
#23 Tarara, Stefan Germany
#24 Pospelov, Sergei Russia
#25 Andersen, Christopher Tun…. Norway

kristine balanas



  • Milka says:

    Should one be surprised ?????

  • Emil Archambault says:

    I heard Kristine Balanas play outside the ROH a few years ago, coming out of Les Troyens. She was playing Bach partitas; it was phenomenal. She is a wonderful artist.

  • Peter Donohoe says:

    No, Milka one should not be surprised, if you are referring to the numbers from Russia and from Korea.

    I do not know exactly what the spread of nationalities was across the original total participants in the preliminary round of the violin competition, but if it was anything like that for the piano section, around 80% of the 56 we heard were from Russia, some of whom sadly did not make it into the competition.

    The rest were made up from one or two from various different nationalities.
    The countries represented by those who did get through include USA, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Korea, and Japan, as well as from Russia. With such a majority applying from Russia, and a paucity from elsewhere, the result of the preliminaries was statistically bound to include many of them.

    There was of course a pre-preliminary round, in which those chosen to travel to Moscow for the actual preliminaries, were selected from internet links to examples of their work. It would an impossibility to bring all who applied to Moscow to hear them from scratch.

  • Eleanor says:

    I’m delighted to report that Veriko Tchumburidze is from Turkey!

  • Giovanni says:

    So both Ji Young Lim and Oleksii Semenenko…1st and 2nd in the Queen Elizabeth didn’t pass the audition phase!!!

    Work that one out.

  • Peter Donohoe says:

    Giovanni – at a guess, different competitions, different juries, different competitors. And probably different repertoire too.

  • Milka says:

    A smoke and mirrors game .. 10 of the 15 so called judges are from the moscow-russian
    school of playing .A couple are given to come from different places other than mother russia to make this look international ….Vengerov for example . Gergiev must have gotten
    up early to pass this nonsense off to any degree.This has no validity whatsoever ,in fact
    worse then expected wonder the “art” of violin playing has sunk to this low level of just
    finger board dexterity and nothing else .