UK wants to expel aliens earning under £35k. Starting with orchestral players

UK wants to expel aliens earning under £35k. Starting with orchestral players


norman lebrecht

June 23, 2015

Among the Little England absurdities of our bewildered Government is a proposal to evict foreigners who earn less than £35,000 ($50k) a year. That would be most nurses. Almost all composers. And a high proportion of orchestral players outside London – musicians who are British born and bred, dedicated to music and don’t quite live up to what this Government believes should be a living wage.

If you are a musician who is affected by the proposal, let’s get the resistance rolling. Now.



  • Anon says:

    There’s a “shortage occupation” exemption, which will likely include nurses, teachers and other ‘key workers’, so that’s taken care of already.

    I can’t see how any current orchestral players “British born and bred” would be affected; they are likely to be a British citizen, and if not will have been in the UK plenty long enough to have “indefinite leave to remain” already. The new rule will apply from April 2016.

    And it doesn’t apply blanket to “foreigners” – EU citizens have freedom of movement and employment.

  • Alexander says:

    The above does make it sound as though HM Government are going to expel British citizens earning under £35,000 p.a.

  • CA says:

    This is the most absurd and ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Like other nations have jobs to provide to those who might get expelled. The UK must have admitted them in the first place, on some type of work authorization, and if that is still valid, as far as I know, it is not tied to earning a certain minimum amount. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • pooroperaman says:

    If they’re ‘British born and bred’, how can they be ‘foreigners’?

  • Donald Hamilton says:

    Birth in the UK does not make you British. British nationality is derived from the British nationality of parents or, in some cases, grandparents.