Topol turns out to see Terfel

Topol turns out to see Terfel


norman lebrecht

June 05, 2015

We hear that the iconic London star of Fiddler on the Roof was in the audience to see Bryn Terfel on opening night at Grange Park Opera.

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First review just in, here.


  • David Leibowitz says:

    Most important (and welcome) part of the review: “…the original, large-scale orchestrations – unthinkable in a commercial revival these days – are vividly conveyed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, and there are no microphones.” Good for them!

  • Sebastian says:

    Credit where it’s due. Kimon Daltas was easily first off the blocks with a very good review out on The Arts Desk within a few hours. LINK HERE

  • V.Lind says:

    “…throughout a varied career, Terfel has proved that he can treat lighter music with respect and sincerity…”

    We could do with a bit more of that around here instead of the condescension and even contempt proponents of lighter music frequently get. Or is it only okay when opera singers rein in?