The composer’s father ‘was an English MP who fled to France after a homosexual scandal’

The composer’s father ‘was an English MP who fled to France after a homosexual scandal’


norman lebrecht

June 08, 2015

Go on, who was he?

None other than my Album of the Week on, a long-scorned master of the string quartet who is finally coming into his own. No more clues. Click here.

ruggieri quartet


  • Ray Richardson says:

    Clicking on “here” goes nowhere for me!

  • Simon S. says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  • David Conway says:

    Come on, everyone knows the man who wrote a quartet named ‘the Bullet’ after narrowly missing being killed in a hunting accident……And I didn’t click for your clue…..

    • Michael Smith says:

      David, surely ‘the Bullet’ is a quintet? Anyway, there’s a lovely recording of it by L’Archibudelli and the Smithsonian Chamber Players which has long been a favourite of mine.

      By the way, I believe the late Cranley Onslow was a descendent.

  • Brian Hughes says:

    Please tell me what in heaven’s name the father’s “homosexual scandal” has to do with the music? Ridiculous…

  • Bill Morrison says:

    I was introduced to Onslow’s quartets recently via the music that streams through my TV set and over my tablet…it’s called Galaxie in Canada. The person who programs it loves obscure composers–dozens of Baroque composers I’ve never heard of, nor had I ever heard of Onslow. I think his quartets are startlingly beautiful. Of course he’s no Beethoven, I suppose, but how wonderful after many decades to still be able to discover good music that you haven’t heard before. Refreshing to get away from the endless diet of classical standards. Onslow is great, and it’s amazing that he’s only now being revived…