Tchaikovsky piano jury adds 6 extras, but excludes local favourites

The pre-selectors of the piano phase of the Tchaikovsky Competition have admitted 36 candidates, in place of the expected 30. The judges (below), who included  Boris Berezovsky, Barry Douglas, Peter Donohoe and Alexander Toradze, whittled down 55 contenders to 35 at which point decided they could cut no further.

tchaik piano selection

The organisers then added Nikolay Medvedev (Russia), winner of the Russian National Music Competition, without audition.

On the selectors’ discard pile were two audience favourites, Alexander Lubyantsev and Nikita Mndoyants. Despite these omissions, 22 of the finalists are Russian.

One British pianist, Alexander Ullman, got through, and two Americans – Reed Tetzloff and George Li.

There are two Germans – Maria Mazo, 32, from Hannover


maria mazo

and Miao Huang.

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  • Thank you for posting this, Norman. Greatly appreciated. Just out of interest, what is the significance of a photo of just one competitor out of thirty-six appearing in the middle of the post?

    • Requirements of design, Peter, there to catch the eye. All 36 would be a mob. Select one for focus. Old-school journalism 101.

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