Suicide attempt at Philharmonic

Staff members of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra are being interviewed by police tomorrow alongside the former chief executive Hyun-jung Park, who is accusing them of defamation and misuse of documents. The staff accused her in public of bullying and sexual harrassment.

Police have raided the homes of orchestra staff members since Park filed her claims. One person, unsettled by the rids and interrogations, tried to commit suicide earlier this week with an overdose of sleeping pills.

The individual is now recovering in hospital.

The atmosphere in the Philharmonic remains tense and mistrustful. Myung Whun Chung, the music director, has suggested in recent interviews that he may resign. A new chief executive is expected to be announced in the next few days.

seoul phil

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  • You obviously know him well, Olassus. I only worked with him once in my career. But no one should have to director a bunch of badly behaved people like that.

  • Ah, my beautiful home country! No respect for maestro, orchestra and music itself, only the stupid, corrupted politician like Miss. Park is fully respected. Furthermore, even things which should be considered for the sake of music and art itself, are also dependent on that stupid politic and politician. What an artistic paradise!! Alas…..

    • Her name is “Sick”, period. She’s a selfish, self-obsessed, attention addict who is determined to make everybody miserable.

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