Sicklist: Andris Nelsons cancels penultimate UK concerts

The CBSO has announced: Andris Nelsons has had to withdraw from tonight’s concert at Symphony Hall and Friday night’s concert at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre due to an acute ear infection. CBSO Assistant Conductor, Alpesh Chauhan has kindly agreed to conduct at very short notice.
The programme for both concerts, Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 (Unfinished), Strauss’ Horn Concerto No. 2, and Dvořák’s Symphony No. 7 remains the same.

He is due to conduct Mahler’s 3rd symphony next week, his Birmingham farewell. They’re praying for a swift recovery.

andris nelsons bayreuth

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  • The problem with Nelsons is that he appears not able to say “no”. Rushing hither and thither, from one engagement to the next, with little or no time to recuperate and recharge the inner batteries is something no conductor, let alone a young one, should be doing. He’s often been sick in the last few years and has clearly not been listening to what his body keeps trying to tell him. If he doesn’t listen soon, he will have burned himself out by the time he reaches 40.

    • I could not agree more. Will Andris listen? I hope so, as he suffers from, of all things, an ear infection. Fingers crossed for his full recovery for his CBSO farewell Mahler 3.

  • Andris is a very dedicated person who loves conducting, and it’s hard for him to switch off from that even if his mind body says otherwise. Get well soon ???

  • I couldn’t agree more, Mr Hall. And let’s not forget he walked into a glass door last year.
    He and the CBSO have just returned from their longest European tour ever (15 concerts). Great reviews. But eventually the body says ‘no’.

  • I couldn’t agree more, Mr Hall. He and the CBSO have just returned from their longest ever European tour (15 concerts) with great reviews. This must be tiring. And we shouldn’t forget that he walked into a glass door last year. A good break would help, I’m sure. But isn’t there Boston and Bayreuth and 2 Proms this summer?

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