No flies between Hamelin and Haydn

We love Stewart French’s Fly on the Wall videos, capturing fine musicians at work in the record studio.

Here’s the latest:

marc-andre hamelin

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  • The video is seemingly from a Hyperion recording session last month of the B-flat piano sonata Hob.XVI:41. One would presume this might be for a fourth volume of Haydn sonatas by Hamelin, but this sonata was already released on the first volume. Might anyone have an explanation for this?

  • At the end of a recording session, with everything in the bag, Marc-Andre Hamelin often delights us with encores (his energy is seemingly inexhaustible). With Franck’s Piano Quintet safely captured at these Wyastone sessions last month with the Takacs Quartet for Hyperion, the creator of A Fly on the Wall, Stewart French, thought that the filming of the Haydn movement captured the intimate end-of-day atmosphere after all the previous hard work

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