Mrs Thatcher’s papers go to the Arts Council? She’d be fuming…

It’s reported that Margaret Thatcher’s children have donated some of her papers to the Arts Council in order to reduce their death duties liability.

Maggie must think they’re having a laugh.

The Arts Council represented for her all that was wrong with the nanny state – a bunch of worthies deciding what is ‘good’ and ‘improving’ for a nation that once revelled in free choice.

One of her close circle once told me she never mentioned the Arts Council without curling her lip.

On the other hand, she loved going to concerts and opera when she had the time, always paying for her own tickets.

Unlike the Arts Council crowd who live off endless freebies.


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  • They are not going to the Art Council, they are going to stay permanently at Churchill College where they are presently on loan. The Arts Council’s role is to judge the merit of such a gift for inheritance tax purposes.

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