Just in: Tchaikovsky Competition announces violin finalists

Pavel Milyukov (Russia)

Alexandra Conunova (Moldova)


Bomsori Kim (S Korea)

Yu-Chien Tseng (Taiwan)

Clara-Jumi Kang (Germany)

Haik Kazazyan (Russia)


No great surprises.

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  • No real surprises, although I do feel that other violinists also performed really well and my heart goes out to them!
    I am so curious to see the judges’ sheet (?) that had yes or no on the violinists that didn’t make it to the final round! Is there anyway to get a look?

  • It would definitely be interesting to see how the judges voted. I’m shocked that Pospelov didn’t go through though. Kishima was deserving of a final place as well

  • I also thought Pospelov played really well. But again, all the other finalists also played really well and I think they also all deserve to be in the final. Really tough call indeed.

  • I thought also Yoo Jin Jang did a splendid recital with an interesting programme and a wonderful Mozart. Very high level of playing in general in the semi-finals.

  • I believe Milyukov is not a pupil of Kuschnir anymore. However, as Kuschnir is a renowned teacher, I agree it would be better not to have him as a judge. There were some other former students of his as well I believe.

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