Just in: Favourites fail to reach Tchaikovsky cello finals

The six finalists are:

Pablo Ferrández (Spain)

pablo ferrandez

Andrei Ioniță (Romania)

Alexander Buzlov (Russia)

Seung Min Kang (S Korea)

Jonathan Roozeman (Netherlands)

Alexander Ramm (Russia)


Those eliminated include the experienced and widely recorded Leonard Elschenbroich (Germany) and two fancied Frenchmen, Bruno Philippe and Trstan Cornut.


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    • Roozeman is Dutch. I believe he grew up and now studies in Finland, but if I’m not mistaken he was born in Holland.

      • Jonathan Roozeman was born in Finland to a Dutch father and Finnish mother, so he’s probably a citizen of both countries. But it’s weird that in Tchaikovsky he has only one nationality; in Paulo Cello Competition he represented both Finland and NL. Here Finland: http://www.fib.no/en/Programme/?TLp=973654

        However, great job Jonathan! We’re proud of you!

        • Helsinki newspaper told that Jonathan’s finnish passport had expired, so the competition authorities accepted only the dutch nationality. He had wanted to represent both.

  • It would be interesting to see the vote results in the second round. But at this point of his career, I am not sure why Leonard Elschenbroich needs to take part in a competition.

  • Pablo Ferrández is a wonderful cellist and he represents the new generation of Spanish musicians: Javier Perianes, Leticia Moreno, Cuarteto Quiroga, Pablo Heras Casado,…

  • Seeing those who already has established career enter this competition perhaps reveals how difficult it is to get a deal with big agencies and launch their career more widely?
    Haik Kazazyan and Clara Jumi Kang are already quite well known in violins I think.

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