Just in: Anna Netrebko cancels Iolanta

The Russian diva has a throat infection and has been ordered to take two weeks vocal rest, until June 25.

She has cancelled a concert performance of  Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta in Lucerne and, though this has not yet been announced, seems likely to miss further dates in Copenhagen, Monte Carlo and London (Royal Albert Hall).

anna netrebko dresden

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    • Despicable mean spirited comment.
      The doctor says two weeks rest for the voice.
      I wish her a good recovery and her management and fellow singers who miss out these perfornances all the best in cleaning up the mess.

      • The four Iolantas, starting tonight in Luzern, were for-profit ventures by Universal Music. Had they been part of a normal (and staged) season, a replacement for AN would have been found. Instead, because of the billing “AN sings Iolanta,” the whole thing must be canceled. So, no sympathy here, except for the concertgoers, whom you left out. Skorokhodov and Kowaljow have strong careers and don’t need the gigs.

        • You make it sound, as if making concerts for profit would be a crime. I see nothing wrong with that, as long as artistry is not bastardized.
          Actually it is great if concerts can be profitable without the helping of public or private subsidies.
          And no surprise that they marketed AN and not the music, because that is what sells the tickets. Blame the gullible audience. Finding a replacement was no solution apparently, due too many people wanting to see her, not the music itself, and would have returned the tickets, accruing even higher losses than if canceling right away.

  • Peter, you are deluding yourself. She cancels whenever she feels like it and who cares about the paying public. I’ve gotten to the point where I never seriously expected her to turn up for this gig. Did you? Be honest with yourself.

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