‘Is that Bono presenting the Tchaikovsky Competition’?

‘Is that Bono presenting the Tchaikovsky Competition’?


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2015

Medici.tv have been swamped with online complaints about one of their two Moscow television presenters.

Irina Tushintseva is praised for looking good, sounding knowledgeable and speaking immaculate Russian and English.

Her co-presenter, Eric Dahan, is criticised for wearing rose-tinted glasses, sporting a paunch and making fundamental errors.

‘When did Bono let himself go and why is he presenting # tch15?’ carped one tweeter.

‘I am muting the sound whenever the male host is speaking; I am sorry but he is unbearable! Can someone warn him not to make bad jokes?’ wrote another.

Dahan, a French music critic, specialises in rap and rock.





  • Martin says:

    I understand he doesn’t like reading out the meaningless CVs by all those aspiring and talented and accomplished and whatever artists. However he is too careless and not very well prepared.

    Fascinated I am tough of the lady. In some moments she looks like she wants to strangle him, a few seconds after she looks at him with sympathy.

  • Ruslan says:

    I agree that the male presenter is a total and ridiculous embarrassment. What is he doing there? He looks and sounds like he is also asking himself that question. Such a totally unprepared and meaningless manner of presenting such a prestigious competition. For me, he shows a total disinterest in the event itself and repeatedly shows absolutely no understanding, no basic knowledge of piano repertoire, pianists, composers, etc. If this is supposed to be something “cool”, it sadly isn’t. Whoever proposed and ultimately allowed this guy to be in front of the camera should be seriously reprimanded. At first I thought that the guy, Eric Dahan, was part of a comic sketch, but when I realised that it was not meant to be a joke, I quickly became irritated and simply switched off the volume and avoided looking at the screen, so irritating I find this foolish man. He appears to be some ageing leftover from the 80’s, complete with tinted sunglasses and an attitude of “I couldn’t give a damn about this competition”. Get him off, as fast as possible! he is an insult to the hard work and serious preparation of all of the others, musicians, audience and the other announcers, who mostly do a good job.Mr. Dahan appears to be in the wrong place yet he keeps coming back again and again. STOP, PLEASE!

    • Martin says:

      Come on, he is not THAT bad. I also think your statement that he has a total disinterest is wrong. He is much more interested than his impression suggests. He should just have read the biographies of the contestants and prepare a bit better for that. Reading the meaningless bios in front of the camera wouldn’t be my favorite job and actually I am quiet happy he present them with so little interests – because they don’t matter.

  • Matthew says:

    Does anyone know who the American woman is who presented the cello competition today?

  • Mark Muhich says:

    With all the great music presented by some of the most gifted musicians at the Tchaikosky competition for free on Medici TV, these snarky comments about announcers sound so banal. Sign of our times.