International pianist withdraws after seagull attack

Among the unlikelier causes for a concert cancellation:

hitchcok the birds

The pianist Paul Lewis was felled by a nesting seagull as he emerged at the weekend from the Liverpool Phil. He was knocked down, hurt his hand and headed off to hospital.

We wish Paul a swift recovery.

He is replaced tonight by Finghin Collins, directing and playing Mozart K414 and the Schumann concerto.

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  • Robin D Bermanseder says:

    While laid-up, maybe Paul should sharpen his avian avoidance skills using this:
    (Use the mouse to keep the birds away from the artist.)

  • Tim Walton says:

    Or carry a catapult!

  • Sarah Daniel says:

    For more information about Finghin Collins, who stepped in to replace Paul Lewis in these concerts, see

  • Phillip says:

    Good one for Finghinn Collins’ CV. “Stood in for Paul Lewis after injurious seagull attack.”

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