Gunther Schuller: ‘Everything I’ve done was, in a way, for her…’

The brilliant and prolific composer, who died last weekend, reflects in this moving recent film by Mark Trunk on the loss of his wife, Marjorie, who died in 1992. A beautiful man.
gunther schuller


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  • RIP Gunther Schuller.
    I wonder if (and sincerely hope) Young Uck Kim will every ‘record’ Schuller’s second violin concerto which was written for him and premiered by him.
    So sad that such a brilliant violinist does not like recording and does not perform as much…!

  • Gunther Schuller was a truly great musician, perhaps why his great gifts were not fully appreciated during his lifetime. In addition to his virtuosic mastery of virtually every field of musical endeavour, Gunther was one of the most knowledgeable conductors of the Twentieth Century. His no-nonsense guide to the profession “The Compleat Conductor” is, like him, honest, thought-provoking and at times controversial and probably the wisest book on conducting available.

    • PS – I don’t like his music though, but this man in the video is very impressive. And his house, with all the mess, is beautiful, full of character.

  • Purely selfishly, my greatest regret is that he wasn’t able to add a book on bebop to Early Jazz and The Swing Era: these two are superb books.

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