Can elephants conduct?

Can elephants conduct?


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2015

This masterclass in a Belgian zoo suggests they may have aspirations.


At least they don’t act like peacocks.


  • Alex says:

    Well, conductors are almost always the elephant in the room …

  • Alex says:

    The conductor is almost always the elephant in the room …

  • Frank Almond says:

    I notice the youngest one quietly looks for a way out after about 20 seconds…..

  • another musician says:

    They might like the music, they might not. In both cases, their exhibited behavior probably suggests agony rather than delight.

  • rita says:

    I only wish the elephants had the scope most conductors are allowed….what a horrible exhibition: note the floor: fatal to elephants’ feet…..when will humans learn not to lock up others to make spectacles of them?

  • itsjtime says:

    Jack asses conduct all the time!!