Breaking: Russians dominate Tchaikovsky piano finals

Four out of six of the finalists are home-grown:

Lucas Debargue (France)



George Li (US)

Sergei Redkin

Lukas Geniušas

Daniel Kharitonov

Dmitry Masleev (all Russian).


Maria Mazo, the hotly fancied German, was among those eliminated. It’s a cruel old world.

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  • If Daniel Kharitonov win the First Prize, he will repeat what Grigory Sokolov has done in the 1966 Tchaikovsky competition – winning at the age of 16.

  • Mr Kharitonov won´t win the first prize, in my honest opinion. The French guy deserves 1st prize, his playing was absolute fantastic in all rounds, Mr Geniusas had arguably the best 1st round, but his second round recital was just not on the same level, mozart concerto was better though. My favourite for the second prize is George Li not only because of his incredible technique, but he is also a great musician. 3rd prize would go to Geniusas, and 4th to Daniel Kharitonov. That is the placing in my book, but you never know, it´s Tchaikovsky..They might give the first prize to Geniusas because he´s russian, but if Debarque will play in the final like he did before, it would almost be a scandal, so they will give him at least the second prize.

    • I hope you are right. I love Lukas Debargue’s piano. He is one of the kind. We need this kind of winner. I also love George Li.

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