Breaking: Music director is in coma after heart attack during rehearsal

We hear from Verona that Julian Kovatchev, music director in Lucca, collapsed with a heart attack last night during a rehearsal at the Arena.

An emergency team administered CPR and intubated the maestro on the stage before rushing him to hospital, where he lies in an induced coma.

Kovatchev, 55, a Bulgarian, is a busy international conductor. He recently underwent heart surgery during a tour in South Korea. We pray for his recovery.


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  • One of the best conductors I have played with! A great musician and a wonderful person! I wish him a full recovery!

    • Hallo, Hello Julian Kovatchev,

      We are friends from Music and Sports, Tennis, from Italy and Germany, Karajan Herbert,………Berlin, Muc , Salzburg.

      Greetings to your wife. Josti.

      Mfreundlichen Gebeten, und Ehrlichkeit, freedom peace, and our friendschip. The lady Uschi Reichelt from Doctor DR. Reichelt , was very ill. ( The heart.).

  • I’m confused about the timeline. The message is written on June 24th, saying “last night” he collapsed with a heart problem, which would make it that it happened on the 23rd. I was in the Verona Arena and watched him conduct “Aida” on the the 24th. ??

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