Anti-Venezuela regime conductor gets global management

The career of Carlos Izcaray is taking off. Five months ago, he landed a US orchestra. Now he has worldwide management with Hazard Chase. Carlos is an outspoken critic of routine Venezuelan regime torture and violence against its citizens, having himself been a victim of police torture.

carlos izcaray

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  • Wonderful news! Carlos, self-made and without the state’s blood money to back him, has the cigarette burns and electrode scars on his body to attest to the Bolivarian brutality that only he and Montero have risked all to denounce. Principled Venezuelans are getting their day in the sun. Bravo Carlos. Bravo Hazard Chase!

  • Kind of stating the obvious here, but how many “latin” conductors were out there before “El Sistema” became the latest flavor of “lets save classical music”?

    Maybe he owes El Sistema much more than he thinks.

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