America’s next bambino caro?

Her name’s Arielle Baril, and she’s 11.

She starting singing at 2:05.

arielle baril

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  • Just listened. Utterly hideous. A travesty like the other excrescences we’d endured with this aria.

  • We see from this video that opera could be for everybody, but when I listen to this dear little girl the issue isn’t that she has a great instrument or that she lacks training and maturity. It’s the extraordinary loss of human potential created by America’s ghettos. This girl is lucky that she goes to a fairly decent middle school in Upper Darbry – which borders on the horrific ghettos of West Philadelphia. Her fate could be vastly worse in a city where 60,000 children live in deep poverty and face unspeakable living conditions including daily problems with hunger.

    When I lived in West Philadelphia in the mid 70s I would sometimes listen to the choirs in black churches or hear kids singing at events in a ghetto park near where I lived. The talent and musicality were often breath-taking. There is so much musical genius being lost by these kids not having reasonable opportunities to grow.

    I substitute taught in Philly’s ghetto schools. The conditions were so bad they changed my life forever. Here is a 6 minute video from ABC News, almost 40 years later, that shows what life is like in one of these Philadelphia schools, and that little has changed:

    Here is a compilation of photos of America’s ghettos taken from Google Maps:

  • Just disgusting and abusive, and no idea of what it requires. Does she even understand the words? It’ll all fall apart in a few years’ time – but then I suppose she’ll have made her money by then and it won’t matter.

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