University sells organ, kills classes

University sells organ, kills classes


norman lebrecht

May 03, 2015

The Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford will graduate its last organ student this month.

It has sold the pipe organ to a church on Long Island.

Declining interest, perhaps. But why sell the organ? Some day, some student might need it.

hartt organ


  • Bob Thomas says:

    The First United Methodist Church of Babylon, NY got a wonderful instrument that will be used every week (and then some) in its worship and music ministry. Good move on the part of both institutions.

  • Gene Gaudette says:

    I heard Hartt’s Gress-Miles frequently as a student – it is a versatile instrument that matched well with its medium-sized but very reverberant performance space. I’m saddened to see my alma mater’s organ program terminated, especially after having yielded several world-class players, including the phenomenal Renée Anne Louprette.

  • SandaSchuldmann says:

    Why sell the organ? Good question! Because Hartford is a stupid town, the town that doesn’t get it!