Tragic death of piano maker

Gary Burgett who, with his brother Kirk, revived the historic American piano company of Mason & Hamlin, has died in a freak home accident. According to the pianist Ernest So, he had just prepared a salad lunch when he fell down some stairs and hit his head. Gary was 65.

gary burgett

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  • OMG, this is terrible, awful accident. I am deeply, deeply upset to learn this. Everyone should know that they revived Mason and Hamlin, and also ran PianoDisc playback company. Wonderful legacy indeed, but this is tragic.

  • Contrary to the report above, the coroner reported that Mr. Burgett died of natural causes and did not fall down a flight of stairs or hit his head. See company statement below:

    With great regret, PianoDisc & Mason & Hamlin reports the passing of company founder and president, Gary Burgett. Mr. Burgett passed away at his home in Sacramento, CA; he was 62. A high-profile figure in the piano industry, Mr. Burgett was known for his affable style and his sincere respect for all industry partners that he worked with and was well-loved by the staff of PianoDisc & Mason & Hamlin.

    Funeral arrangements are pending at this time. Condolensces may be sent to PianoDisc, 4111 N. Freeway Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834.

  • I am so very sad and sorry to hear this. Gary Burgett was my piano teacher throughout high school back in the 80s and was a wonderful mentor. My condolences to the family.

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