Three Maestro-tears?

This was last night at the Musikverein, Vienna. Just one tie between three.

mehta barenboim rattle

OK, gimme a better caption.

pic: Martin Felber

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  • “If you think WE are laughing hard at the Berlin Philharmonic, you should’ve seen the players of the Vienna Philharmonic.”

  • So captions apart – what was Mehta in town for ?

    Last night Barenboim was doing a Schubert recital (one of a series) at the hall.
    Rattle has been rehearsing Rheingold – as per SD photo the other day.

    Maybe Mehta was just shooting the breeze. He looks good for 79

    • yours was definitely the best, and you should get the prize; I could only come up with:

      “where the hell is Adam Lambert, we’ll be late on stage…”


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