Swedish star will play Maria Callas in Hollywood biopic

All sorts of names had been mentioned for the role, starting with Meryl Streep.

Main casting was announced today at Cannes.

Playing Maria Callas will be Noomi Rapace, a Swedish actress who played Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With…


Niki Caro’s movie is based on Alfonso Signorini’s biography Too Proud, Too Fragile.

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  • The thumbnail on your homepage for this article is a close-up of the cleavage from the picture above. If you’re not going to “treat” readers to close-up crotch shots of men, then seriously knock it off with all the cleavage and chest shots of women on the homepage.

  • Among the stars of new film productions of the play based on the Maria Callas story, “Master Class”, should be mentioned Meryl Streep. Streep will also star in a biopic about Florence Foster Jenkins, who famously made her career as a recitalist through sheer force of will. This film is due to appear in August, 2016. It has just been announced that in November 2016, a European documentary about the iconic singer is to appear, starring Joyce DiDonato, an icon for entirely different reasons (insert winkey-smiley-face here). News about this new project can be found on JDD’s web page.

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