Renee Fleming sings in the Mayor

Renee Fleming sings in the Mayor


norman lebrecht

May 18, 2015

She performed at the inauguration of Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, in front of an audience that included President Bill Clinton.

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  • Christy says:

    She has apparently become quite influential in Chicago. Here’s an article on her renewing her stint at “creative consultant,” which actually seems to be more like a co-General Director role (along with her work for Carnegie, the Met and Sing for Hope) – all while keeping up one of the most extensive performances schedules of the last three years. Worker bee.

  • will says:

    You say ( write) “in front of an audience that included President Bill Clinton. – See more at:

    As I am resident in the UK I don’t know about USA ‘protocol’ regarding ‘past Presidents’ but my ‘inner logic’ dictates that you should describe Bill Clinton as an ‘Ex-President’!

    • Una says:

      I think you will find that Americans keep their presidential titles – they are not -ex-Prim MInisters as we use in England, or ex- anything. You only have to watch any newsreel from there, and even Obama uses that title for the guys gone before him. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter, I think the idea was that Renee Fleming was singing of prestigious American people whilst singing-in the Mayor!

  • Corkee says:

    As a Canadian, I do know that it’s once-a-President-always-a President in the USofA – as it is with ambassadors – there’s nothing ‘ex’ about either, alas, as there are some we’d like to forget.

  • Max Grimm says:

    While I also lack the native insider knowledge, I agree with Will. Personally, I believe I have almost always heard them referred to as “former president” X.
    Apparently the Chicago Tribune agrees with Will as well:

  • Jules says:

    A US President retains the title, even after leaving office.

    • Nick says:

      As apparently do Senators, Congresspersons, Mayors, Secretaries (of States and others) and a whole host of other elected and non-elected officials.

  • Christy says:

    When you meet a former president the protocol is very specific – you refer to him as “Mr. President” and his title is “President [fill in name].”

  • Christy says:

    So, Emily Post says I was wrong in my previous comment. Interesting.

  • herrera says:

    video of her singing, at the 10:00 mark:

    Why do opera singers insist on singing popular songs in their native language as though they were articulating a foreign language? (plus, she sang it like a dirge)

  • Milka says:

    She should be represented as an ex- swinger of sorts.
    This was dreadful .

  • Milka says:

    Spelling correction – should read ex singer of sorts, not swinger of sorts.
    Hearing her voice causes such agitation as to affect spelling .

  • Kate says:

    i had to chuckle a wee bit at your headline. If Ms. Fleming is indeed singing IN the mayor, that is a relationship of which I want no particulars. LOL!