Peter Gelb goes to meet a nervous board

Peter Gelb goes to meet a nervous board


norman lebrecht

May 13, 2015

There’s a meeting scheduled today at the Met. The general manager will bring a set of bad numbers.

Nothing will happen. The board have to unite around Peter Gelb, regardless of the sinking credit rating. But the wobbles are starting to show. Money has to come in from somewhere. Gelb is looking lonelier.

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  • Paul Pelkonen says:

    And with that allow me to post my (truncated) 2014-15 Met season wrapup from Superconductor

  • Brian b says:

    On the Rake’s Progress broadcast last Saturday Gelb claimed the season ended in the black. No deficit. If true and Pooh Bah as Paymaster-General didn’t cook the accounts, I’d say it’s good news.

    • savethemet says:

      It has been said that the directors of the Metropolitan Opera were told to remain on the board they had to pony up the deficit. Several of them had, had enough and left. I mean why toss good money after bad? In fact, the money has not come in yet, only that they expect to have it before their fiscal year closes this summer. The only reason Mr. Gelb currently feels confident that this will happen is Ann Ziff his supporter and the chairperson can pay for the deficit herself. The deficit was in large part self made by Mr. Gelb and whose tea party the ticket buying public largely passes by. It will be a big job to surmount the damage he has done to the Metropolitan Opera. Perhaps the monied rats might stop jumping from their social club and sinking ship if someone had the cojones to tell Ann her dear Peter needs to go. He was mjuast wrong for the job in the first place.