Orch grooves: Pittsburgh hires young prez

Jim Wilkinson is retiring as president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Symphony, after emerging once before from retirement to dig the orch out of a wide-ranging crisis.

His successor has just been announced. She’s  Melia Peters Tourangeau and she flies in from Salt Lake City, where she’s president and CEO of Utah Symphony and Utah Opera.

Ms T is 43. And she has brought Utah out of the wilderness. Looks good for Pitts. Read here.



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  • 43 seems young to me, since I’m now older than that, but it’s not that young for the CEO of a major orchestra. Henry Fogel was about 43 when he took over the Chicago Symphony (younger when he headed the National Symphony), Deborah Borda about 43 when she went to New York, Deborah Rutter about 46 when she went to Chicago. And so on.

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