Nicolai Gedda is alive and well

Nicolai Gedda is alive and well


norman lebrecht

May 18, 2015

We’re delighted to hear that Dr Alejandro Martínez of Codalario magazine spoke to the great tenor this morning and found him in good spirits.

We erroneously reported Nicolai Gedda’s death yesterday, based on independent messages from two usually reliable sources and on his altered Wikipedia entry.

We took down the post as soon as the error became apparent and have tightened our procedures for the future. We apologise without reservation to Mr Gedda and to our readers.

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  • Novagerio says:

    Best news today! ?

  • Craig Michael Mann says:

    Wonderful news – Thank you, Norman!! 🙂 🙂

  • Peter says:

    Despicable so-called journalism!!!

    • Peter Anastos says:

      Well, it’s not “journalism,” it’s just a blog. No need to call a mistake “despicable,” it’s just a mistake. And it is good news indeed that the great tenor is still with us. I was upset after reading the initial report, so started listening to some great pirate recordings of Gedda from the early 60s.

  • Lars Sandell & Lars Walldov says:

    Underbara Nyheter!

  • Damian says:

    I’m so relieved. ‘ve been checking almost non-stop today if there’s either further confirmation or correction of the earlier report.

  • Eivind GJ says:

    Great news!
    He should have announced:
    “The rumours about my death is highly exaggerated.”

  • Marshall says:

    It’s not just this site-and others where you can create the topic are even worse-but I’ve noticed this rather morbid desire to be the FIRST to report someone’s death. “Usually reliable sources”-what does that mean? A death of a famous person, given all the false stories, and malicious ones over the years, should not only be checked from several sources, but for God’s sake, can’t it wait until there is an official confirmation from an official source, or family member?

    Everyone dumps on the NYT, for always being late, sometimes a few days, with death announcement, and obits. Not only would I guess that they have been burned before, but it is called journalism, not blogism.

    By the way this is some deeper human tendency, because I’ve noticed it among regular people, even my own family. Not so much a false report, but instead of digesting the loss, they are rushing to be the first to tell. Maybe they are looking for the reaction they will get,or it is a way of avoiding their own confrontation with a traumatic reality?

    In any case last night I went to bed reflecting on this tenor I heard in some of his best roles, and woke up to find out he lives yet!

  • Berta Calechman says:

    Yesterday my heart was broken. But Nicolai Gedda is alive and well, and today I am overjoyed!! I hope Dr. Alejandro Martinez was able to convey to the great tenor, all the tributes and blessings he received. If he happened to read Facebook yesterday, he would have been aware of all the comments and musical excerpts which were posted by shocked, sad, and devastated fans.
    Evviva Nicolai Gedda!

  • Brian b says:

    But how nice that we can, after all, reflect on this great tenor’s contributions and artistry while he is yet alive. And many more years. Skål, maestro!

  • Matthew B. Tepper says:

    Thank you for your follow-up reporting, Norman. This IS responsible journalism.

  • Chris says:

    …and if while you’re at it you could see your way clear to dropping the Royal We, I think we’d all be grateful!

  • Kathy says:

    Good. Now, perhaps “we” could drop the desire to be the first to “break the story” in favor of being respectful of the person in question and his or her family and patiently wait for official announcements next time? Death is a big deal. Even public figures are allowed to have theirs announced at the time and in the way of their/their family’s choosing. Have a little class.

  • JUANA says:


  • Stephen says:

    Assuming Nicolai Gedda is reasonably sound in mind and body, this is good news but, in their obsession with longevity, people tend to forget that only a small minority of 90-year-olds have such luck.

  • Alexander says:

    I called Nicolai today ( I am a former student of his) and he is alive, although he sounded weak.

    • Angela says:

      Hello Alexander,
      My father is also turning 90 and was a friend of Nicolai’s and engaged him as a soloist just before his breakthrough. He would love to get in touch, but has not been able to find any contact details. Would you know where we could get in touch?
      Kind regards,
      Angela Kempff-Keith

  • Mary Burnette says:

    I was delighted to see that reports of Mr. Gedda’s death were entirely premature. He and Fritz Wunderlich are my all-time favorite tenors. Mr. Gedda, in particular, never sang a note off-key that I have heard. I was privileged to attend a concert by him at Duke University in the early 1980s and became a life long fan. Good health to him!

  • Jason Thomas says:

    I am curious, is Nicolai Gedda does any teaching. I’m a Swedish American operatic tenor. Ive always wondered if it would be possible to work with him

  • Paul Lankau says:

    Nicolai Mihailovich Gedda passed away last January 8, 2017 in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. Rest in peace, you brought us so much joy during your brilliant career.