New York Post scoops Times on two culture stories

New York Post scoops Times on two culture stories


norman lebrecht

May 27, 2015

Yesterday, the Post revealed that born-again whistle-blower Reynold Levy had wangled himself a $600,000 golden goodbye bonus on stepping down as head of Lincoln Center. That’s on top of his $1.3m salary. Nice.

Today, the Post reports that the new Tom Cruise film will open at the Vienna State Opera, where one of its scenes was shot. That’s a first for Vienna and a last, again, for the New York Times. Don’t they have any culture news that’s fit to print?

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  • Joel Stein says:

    These are borderline “culture” stories.

  • JJC says:

    The NY times, those inveterate, obnoxious slimebags, have for several decades now been undermining and railing against our cultural institutions. These ghouls are now dancing on the grave that they have spilled so many words to dig. No attention should be paid to anything that appears there, they are beyond contempt.

  • Helen Kamioner says:

    I believe that Zachary Woolfe is the new hope for The New York Times. He’s young, enthusiastic, energetic, highly educated, loves music, well traveled and dedicated. Go Zach.