Munich orchestra manager is convicted of drug peddling

Munich orchestra manager is convicted of drug peddling


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May 29, 2015

A former orchestra manager of the Bavarian State Opera has been found guilty of selling marijuana and ecstasy pills. He pleaded guilty and admitted to smoking up to 15 joints a day ‘but never at work’. He claimed to have bought the drugs from stagehands.

The manager was dismissed from his job in November last year. Yesterday, he received a suspended sentence of 22 months. Under German law, the man has been named only as Daniel M.

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  • Benvolio_32 says:

    The translation “orchestra manager” is misleading. One would think of a person being involved in artistic decision-making, but the German term “Orchesterwart” designs the person who is responsible for setting up the podium, transporting bulky instruments, putting the music on the desks etc.

  • Halldor says:

    If he had toked the odd spliff while at work, it’d be entirely understandable. Orchestra Manager is a job that’s only bearable in the long term with some form of self-medication.