Just in: Domingo cancels Covent Garden

Just in: Domingo cancels Covent Garden


norman lebrecht

May 27, 2015

Placido Domingo has pulled out of this week’s Traviata for family reasons.

He explains:

domingo abu dhabi

I am very sorry to have to cancel my upcoming performance of La Traviata in London on Thursday, May 28th. I am still in Boston and will remain by my sister María José’s side until she returns to stable condition and comes out of the Intensive Care Unit. I want to thank you all for your patience, your kind understanding and your loving support and prayers.



  • Sam McElroy says:

    Great. Now they can cast a baritone.

    • Louise says:

      Not a very tasteful comment I must say!

    • Paul Joschak says:

      Exactly! Rumour has it he cancelled the Met broadcast of Ernani last month because he feared a world-wide audience would hear how miscast he is as a Verdi baritone.

    • Christy says:

      Wow, that is your comment as Domingo’s sister is in intensive care. How crass and insensitive.

  • Barbara says:

    Just griping comments – no sympathy?