John Adams: ‘I’ve known John Adams since 1976. We’re friends…’

Lovely, revealing, un-pressy interview by Timothy Hazlett with the American composer John Luther Adams, whose success in the past year has overtaken that of his namesake without the added middle name.

Confused? You won’t be.  Click here.

john luther adams

h/t: Steve Smith

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  • “…overtaken that of his namesake…” John Luther Adams has hardly overtaken John Adams, not that it would be a bad thing if he did. They’re both terrific composers who write in a very different style. I don’t think its about overtaking, since its not a race, but rather about John Luther Adams receiving the recognition he has long been due, but often denied due, in part, to the length of his works.

    The other Adams is remarkably popular and ever present, whether it be the many operas being performed, chamber works, solo pieces, and his conducting stints.

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