I’m not that Milstein….

I’m not that Milstein….


norman lebrecht

May 28, 2015

Message from the French pianist Nathalia Milstein:


Dear M.Lebrecht, I have just seen your post about my prize at the Dublin International Piano Competition…. I have to let you know that there has been a huge misunderstanding;  I have unfortunately no relationship of any kind with the great violinist, except the surname. I didn’t realize how much this rumour has been amplified, but in some concerts I am announced as Nathan Milstein’s grand niece and several people have written to me to ask about him… It is becoming quite embarrassing.

My grandfather, Yakov Milstein, was a renowned Russian musicologist and professor at the Moscow Conservatory. He brought up several generations of pianists, among whom are Bella Davidovich, Elisabeth Leonskaja and others. He also edited and annotated many Soviet scores in an edition which is considered in Russia as the reference nowadays. But he has still no relation of any kind to Nathan… I am really sorry this misunderstanding has gone so far. Therefore I would like to ask you if you would be so kind as to withdraw that information from the article, if it is possible. Yours sincerely, Nathalia Milstein




  • Robert Roy says:

    Congratulations on the Dublin prize, Ms. Milstein. Despite not having the great Nathan as a fore bearer you obviously have a distinguished family! I once had the honour of buying Elisabeth Leonskaja a coffee prior to an Edinburgh Festival recital.

    Perhaps, one day, I will have the honour of treating you to a coffee too.

    Best of luck in your career.

  • esfir ross says:

    Maybe Nathalia Milshtein related to Nathan Milshtein of Odessa. He came from family of 10 children. His cousin Leon Milnes a movie produser {Leonya Milshtein} from Kishinev “All quiet on Western front”.